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YJ: Crossing the Line (Oneshot)

Title: Crossing the Line
Author: Michiko Kougai
Pairing: Yunjae :*
Genre: Romance, Fluff
Length: One shot
Summary: When you said I’ve crossed the line, what line are you talking about?

Jaejoong entered his shared room with Yoochun making the latter turn his head towards him. The elder of the two was cursing and mumbling tons of profanities on how miserable his life is and how tiring it is to be Jung Yunho’s lover. Yoochun who was previously making his bed just in time for bedtime was utterly surprised about the sudden presence and just can’t help but gape at his bawling friend. His eyes immediately widened as Jaejoong simply threw everything he had at his hands down on the floor with a loud thud. His bag, hand phone and jacket kissed the floor hard as well as that dainty small card that slipped through the jacket when it fell. Yoochun raised his brows at that sighting.

“Hey, it’s late. Where have you been?” Yoochun asked curiously wondering whether his soul mate will spill the details immediately.

Jaejoong glared at Yoochun. “You really don’t want to know.”

Yoochun pouted at what Jaejoong replied to him. “Seriously, I want to know. Where have you been?”

Jaejoong sighed. “Are you sure?”

Yoochun nodded furiously getting anxious by the minute. “Sure.”

“I went out to dinner with Yunho.” Jaejoong said as a matter of fact.

Yoochun smiled at his friend and even clutched his heart for the effect. “Well, that’s awesome.” He said excitedly.

“We saw Kim Hyun Joong at the restaurant.” The smile pasted on Yoochun’s face suddenly disappeared after hearing what his friend got to say.

“Hyun Joong?” Yoochun repeated. His fingers immediately crossing behind his back hoping he misheard the name. Besides, Kim Hyun Joong’s like a silent code of war for their leader, Jung Yunho.

Jaejoong just nodded at him.

“It’s not too bad, right? You just saw him, maybe even shared a table or something.” Yoochun looked intently at Jaejoong. “Why are you so mad anyway?” Yoochun continued as he searched answers from his soul mate.

“He gave me a card.” Jaejoong said as if what Hyun Joong actually gave him was a dead threat.

“A card?” Yoochun’s eyes widened. “What did he say?” Yoochun continued as you walked closer to where Jaejoong was standing.

“You go check it out yourself.” Jaejoong heaved a deep breath as he pointed with his finger the damned card.

Yoochun bent over to pick up the folded paper. It was decorated lavishly and seemed expensive. And, what meaning does an appearance of a card mean. Yoochun shook his head.

“Jae Joong-ah, it’s been a while. We need to go out sometime when you’re not busy. No bringing of chaperone, please. The last time we have Jung Yunho in the house, the shot glass didn’t even touched your hands. See you.” Yoochun read aloud the card and he grinned knowing why the sudden uproar from the lead singer.

“I’m just wondering you know. Why write a card for you when he can just send you a text message?” Yoochun inquired as he flipped the card over and over again making sure he didn’t miss anything that was essential to read.

“That’s what I’m thinking too. And, why hand it over when I’m gone to the toilet leaving it under my plate. Of course, Yunho would read it.” Jaejoong slapped his forehead remembering the gruesome event that welcomed him back to the table.

“You missed a story didn’t you? Tell me.” Yoochun smiled as he tapped Jaejoong’s shoulder.

“When I sat back down, the awkwardness increased into a whole new level. Talk about eerie. Hyun Joong asked for a drink. I actually knew something was up when Yunho rose from his seat and grabbed the red wine and pour it to Hyun Joong’s glass.” Jaejoong bit his lips.

Yoochun prodded Jaejoong to continue his story as he smiled to himself.

“And, you know what my lover did?” Jaejoong exclaimed as he clutched Yoochun’s arm.

“He spilled the wine over Hyun Joong’s white suit.” Jaejoong managed to finish the story looking at Yoochun with dejected expression. On the other hand, Yoochun seemed to take the story lightly as he laughed his heart out with tears forming on the edge of his eyes.

Jaejoong gripped his arm tighter making him laugh even more than to pay heed on the pain. Jaejoong took a sharp breath as he gritted and let go of his friend’s arm.

“Yeah, laugh all you want. If you continue laughing your ass off I’m going to have you wash the dishes for the whole week including, the casseroles and the pans.” Jaejoong threatened as he stood in front of Yoochun with his hands on his hips.

“I’m sorry.” Yoochun mumbled as he wiped the tears that formed from his eyes. “I’m getting this now. Yunho got hyped up about this and eventually revenged on Hyun Joong. Our leader is feisty. I bet he was having tantrums right now on his room. Changmin must have the guts to put up with it.” Yoochun continued making one last final chuckle before eventually clearing his throat.

“And, I’m definitely the one to blame and no one else. Damn it!" Jaejoong grunted as he looked at his friend with hopelessness.

“Just relax. Both Yunho and Hyun Joong will pass this one soon. Especially Yunho, he understands you and you know better on how he deals with these things. Besides, it’s just Hyun Joong. Fear most if he spilled it on someone else, maybe Seung Hyun?” Yoochun patted his shoulder and smiled sarcastically.

“I’m really wondering if you really are my soul mate or what.” Jaejoong sneered as he made a face in front of Yoochun.

“I’m your soul mate. Believe in that.” Yoochun smirked.

“I’m going to change then check my e-mail. I’m really so sorry of I disturbed you making your bed or anything. I’m going to make up for it, one day. I’m sorry, Yoochun-ah.” Jaejoong said so apologetically that Yoochun wants to just hug his friend right there and then.

“It’s okay. It doesn’t matter. Just rest too. And, when I wake up tomorrow I want to see our friend, Hyun Joong, still breathing. I also want to hug our leader, Jung Yunho. Please be kind to him. He just loves you too much.” Yoochun giggled as he smiled at Jaejoong handsomely.

Jaejoong finally let out a heartfelt laugh. “I promise I’ll keep them both breathing when you wake up. But, I’ll wake you up when I change my mind on Yunho.” Jaejoong pulled Yoochun into a tight friendly hug.

“I love you, Yoochun-ah.”

“I love you, too. Good night, hyung.” Yoochun pulled away from the hug and silently walked towards his bed. He gave one last smile to Jaejoong as he laid himself down and immediately off to dream land. Meanwhile, Jaejoong just shook his head and smiled to himself as he let his frustrations out and finally got someone to talk to.

A few minutes later, Jaejoong has already changed his clothing to a black wifebeater and a grey sweat pants. He already have logged in on the internet and mailed his parents about the happenings in his life. He also have updated his Twitter and posted on his sisters blogs. He hummed to himself as he review their schedule and made sure nothing missed his eyes.

Jaejoong’s attention was suddenly caught by a faint knock on the door, making his head turned towards its direction. He heard the door clicked open and saw a head peeking from behind. Definitely, he knew that small head from anywhere.

“You got time?” He heard Yunho whispered.

“No.” Jaejoong scoffed and turned his head back to the screen pretending to be indulged into something.

“Come on. I know you’re just wasting time tweeting or something.” Jaejoong’s mouth widened at the comment. Unbeknownst to him, Jaejoong was studying their schedule. The lead singer wanted to comment on the faulty assumption but shook his head to not dwell on the issue anymore.

“Let’s talk.” Yunho said a little louder as he motioned Jaejoong to come to him.

“Why do you always have to be the one saying that?” Jaejoong said his annoyance clearly evident on his voice.

“Just let me explain my behavior, okay. Come out. Yoochun might wake up.” Jaejoong rolled his eyes as he stood up from his seat. He took one glance at Yoochun before closing the door behind him.

Once he was out their room, he took one good look at Yunho. He hasn’t changed his clothes yet and that made Jaejoong a little concern on the comfort of what Yunho was wearing. Nevertheless, his displeasure about what had happen earlier was not something he wanted to simply pass.

“Talk now. I’m giving you twenty seconds.” Jaejoong said in a flat tone looking at Yunho intently.

“Come on, Boo. You got to give me more than just that.” Yunho pleaded as he brushed his hair with his hands.

“You’ll have it in twenty or I’ll go inside and tweet like you said.” Jaejoong muttered coldly not leaving Yunho’s intense stares.

Yunho heaved a deep breath before opening his beautiful mouth. “Look, I’m sorry about what happened earlier. I know it’s not right. But, just be on my side on this. I will not apologize for hating Kim Hyun Joong. I swear. My body just moves with it every time he’s on my range. And, the scenario a while ago just made it a perfect opportunity. My blood simply boils whenever I see him.”

“Yeah, like I adore Hyun Chul.” Jaejoong raised his brows at Yunho’s explanation. Scorn was poured out of the lead singer’s aura as he glared at Yunho’s face.

“You’re out of line, Baby.” Yunho smiled at him as Jaejoong simply looked away.

“That’s just my side of the story. I just simply hate that guy.” Yunho finished as he licked his lips and stared deeply at Jaejoong eyes.
Jaejoong can’t help but gulp at the intensity of those stares. He sighed.

“He’s my friend, Yunho-ah.”

Yunho snorted at Jaejoong’s comment on his statement.

“And, I’m the person whose name you always scream when we are at it. There’s a big difference.” Yunho said shamelessly having a confident grin plastered on his face.

Jaejoong can’t help but gasp at what he heard from Yunho’s mouth. He looked at Yunho disbelievingly, shocked at what his leader just said out loud. Jaejoong can’t really believe it. Yunho really have the guts.

“You’re making this hard for me.” Jaejoong simply replied garnering all his strength to retort back Yunho’s words.

“I know and I’m sure I always will do.” Yunho said arrogantly as if remembering something he was not supposed to remember right now.

“Your words are double entendre. You are sexually harassing me.” Jaejoong licked his lips and shook his head thinking how hopeless this talk is going to be. He pointed his accusing finger to the man in front of him wondering how that man just captured his heart, mind and soul and just everything about him with all that sweet talking and dirty mouth of his.

Yunho just blinked multiple times at Jaejoong’s accusation making Jaejoong weak for the adorableness of it all.

“No. I’m actually having a decent conversation with you.” Yunho stated as a matter of fact.

Jaejoong just leaned back on the door and closed his eyes. Truly, this is going nowhere.

“What now?” Yunho asked as he moved closer trapping Jaejoong between Yunho and the door. Jaejoong’s head immediately shot up as he can feel Yunho’s breath on his neck.

“Yunho, you know what you did is wrong.” Jaejoong cleared out making sure Yunho remembers well.

“Yes. I apologized for it.” Yunho replied.

“Don’t do that again, ever, on anybody.” Jaejoong frantically added as he focused Yunho’s head to his eyes since he can feel something else was running inside the Jung’s mind.

“I know. Kim Hyun Joong was just too friendly for my liking. Putting cards under plates with a message that wants me out the picture, this simply isn’t on my ‘I like’ list.” Yunho definitely put an emphasis on what he likes.

“You’re too overprotective of me. I’m not a girl.” Jaejoong’s eyes softened not wanting to offend Yunho and his reasons for doing something that Jaejoong knew would also be of benefit to him.

“I know that. You are not one and you are more beautiful than any of all those girls out there.” Jaejoong just rolled his eyes at Yunho’s remark. Yunho was definitely swinging topics and Jaejoong hoped Yunho’s flirting won’t lure him to stop his lectures to their so called leader.

“Look at me.” Yunho suddenly lifted Jaejoong’s chin, making the other look at him square in the eyes. “I’m just making sure your friends don’t see you as that. You’re getting me on this one, right?” Yunho said sternly making Jaejoong uneasy. He thought how fast the turnover is. Yunho was now lecturing him, what the heck.

Jaejoong simply nodded. He bit his lips as he tried to come out with another banter asserting Yunho that he really was the one who needed this talk and not the other way around. “Yunho, I can punch them in the face with my strength enough for them to fly across the room.” Jaejoong smiled at Yunho assuring how he can manage to protect himself whenever.

“I’m sure you can.” The reign of sarcasm was evident on Yunho’s voice and the way his brows rose simply told Jaejoong that Yunho’s merely playing with what he was saying. “But, you are not doing it. I’m betting my entire household chores on this one. I’m really serious. You are not going to do it.” Yunho repeated making sure Jaejoong remembers what he was trying to stress.

Jaejoong sighed. He was so knocked out on this conversation. The way Yunho was pinning him on the door was something too, as if he wouldn’t really notice. All those subtleness have made its perfection on the hands of Jung Yunho. He would never really notice until he felt Yunho’s hand sneaking on his waist as the leader emphasize on what Jaejoong could and could not do to his friends.

Yunho suddenly chuckled as he felt Jaejoong’s hands prying his fingers off his waist one by one. The leader received a beautiful scowl from his lover and can’t help but to smile at him. Jaejoong on the other hand just shook his head knowing Yunho’s just as impatient as a toddler can be.

“Fine, I won’t have to ask you to talk to Kim Hyun Joong and bow down in front of him and apologize.” Jaejoong smiled as he pushed Yunho slightly away from him but not totally missing the distance that he loved.

Yunho’s eyes widened at that statement. “You want me to bow down to him?!” He exclaimed.

Yunho leaned his head closer to Jaejoong’s face and whispered an almost threat to his ears. “As much as I love you and all, I won’t ever do that even if that costs me your icy cold glares and shoulders.” Yunho pecked Jaejoong’s cheeks as he pulled back his head and smiled at him.

The lead singer just looked at him in awe decided to give up the many more lectures about what should have been the night earlier. Yunho immediately swept him of his feet again, but he won’t give in just yet. He chuckled and that made Yunho raised his brows in question.


“Kim Hyun Joong hates you just the same.” Jaejoong stated while playing with the button on the leader’s coat. Yunho grimaced at the sudden attention and tried to woo the lead singer more.

“If that’s the case, its problem solved right?”

“Yes.” Jaejoong laughed.

The leader exhaled deeply feeling utmost relax. Jaejoong felt the cunning smile tugging on the corner of Yunho’s lips making him anticipate the next words coming from Jung Yunho’s mouth.

“We should kiss.” Yunho pulled Jaejoong’s face closer to him making Jaejoong’s face heat up. The embarrassment still continued to haunt him after all these years of loving Yunho and hearing all those honey words from him.

“No.” Jaejoong mouthed fighting with the urge to just smack his lips with his or continue with the endless teases.

Yunho’s face scrunched up. “Why not?”

“We just fought.” Jaejoong replied.

Yunho frowned. “Well, the more reason why we should kiss.”

“No.” Jaejoong grinned as he slapped gently Yunho’s hand that was holding his head.

“No? Fine. Let’s go to my room.” Yunho grabbed Jaejoong’s hand and tried to lead him on. Jaejoong pulled back his hand, convinced that he should give Yunho a little lesson for the night.

“What for?” Jaejoong asked innocently.

Yunho just looked at him like he has grown a head or something for asking the most obvious question with the most obvious answer.

“Let’s make out for it.”

“No! No! No!” Jaejoong exclaimed exasperatedly with his hands waving frantically.

Jaejoong could see that Yunho’s face turned bitter from all the rejection he got. But, Yunho must really have to learn something before acting on impulse. And, Jaejoong definitely loved this very side of him.

“Okay.” Yunho suddenly tugged his hand and started walking away. Jaejoong pouted as he thought how Yunho could give up so easily. Jaejoong grasp Yunho’s wrist making the taller man look at him curiously.

“Where are you going?” Jaejoong asked quite disappointed on Yunho’s reactions.

“I’m going to the kitchen.” Yunho replied. Jaejoong’s face suddenly brightened as Yunho grinned cheekily at him. “I’m getting that whip cream and seduce you into it.” Just when Jaejoong’s about to sulk, Yunho gave him the bomb he was not expecting.

“You. You’ve really crossed the line.” Jaejoong exclaimed as he jerked his hand from Yunho’s.

Yunho laughed whole heartedly finding Jaejoong’s expression amusing. “What line? Is this the line between your clothes and your skin?” Yunho smirked as Jaejoong’s reaction changed wildly. He felt that Jaejoong was putting him into a sudden game and he doesn’t want to be the one controlled. Yunho’s not a sadist for nothing.

“What?!! No!”

“What line, tell me.”

Jaejoong moped at how easily things have suddenly changed. He pouted as he glanced at Yunho’s winning smile. “Fine! I give up. You get the kiss and we both get to rest.”

“Hmm… I don’t think that will work for me. You get the kiss, well both seemed on advantageous position in that.” Yunho explained as Jaejoong just nodded his head waiting for Yunho to continue whatever his deal is. “You get your rest but I don’t feel that just yet. It’s unfair. Ratio is two is to one.” Yunho smiled as he waited for Jaejoong to respond his statement.

Jaejoong puffed his cheeks thinking of the best respond. He glared at Yunho for being the smart ass that he was. “You’re really out of it tonight.”

Yunho just shrugged.

Without further more ado, Jaejoong suddenly grabbed Yunho’s collar tightly as he pulled the other for an unexpected kiss. Yunho’s eyes widened but eventually were drawn into the passion of how good Jaejoong was kissing him hard. Yunho smiled at the lead singer’s effort. Slowly, Jaejoong pulled away gasping for air until Yunho cupped Jaejoong’s face again and captured him in a kiss that Yunho lead this time. Yunho moved his lips in tandem with Jaejoong’s making everything so in sync and in time. Jaejoong pulled away as he wrapped his arms around Yunho and pulled him tight in an embrace.

“Let’s hug.” Jaejoong whispered as he nuzzled his head on Yunho’s chest.

“You are one spoilt lover.” Yunho pressed a long kiss on Yunho’s forehead then slowly dragging his lips on Jaejoong’s eyes, nose and pecking his lips lightly again. Yunho hugged him tighter wanting to just mesh his body with Jaejoong at that moment.

“Let’s just go to my room, please.” Yunho mumbled kissing Jaejoong’s earlobes.

Jaejoong just looked at his lover. “You’re desperate.”

“Yes. I am.” Yunho kissed Jaejoong’s lips again, making Jaejoong give in and surrender to the kiss.

Jaejoong just playfully shook his head and looked at Yunho deeply. “Tomorrow.” Jaejoong smiled.

Yunho grunted nevertheless nodded. “Tomorrow.”

Jaejoong pulled away from the hug. “I’m tired. Let’s sleep.”

Yunho smiled at him. “Alright.”

“Baby,” Jaejoong called before Yunho started walking away.

“Hmm…” Yunho turned around and looked at Jaejoong fondly.

“I love you.” Jaejoong muttered cutely as he bite his lips and stared at Yunho lovingly.

Yunho chuckled. “I love you, too.”

Yunho watched as Jaejoong clicked open the door and have his other half nearly inside his soulmate’s shared room. Yunho raised his brows and when Jaejoong turned to him and suddenly smiled brightly.

“Baby, please get your hands off my whip cream.” Jaejoong chuckled as he covered his mouth with his hands. “I’m using it tomorrow. I called for it first.” Jaejoong continued laughing as he blew Yunho a kiss before closing the door behind him.

Yunho on the other hand just shook his head and smiled to himself.

“I better go hide that whip cream somewhere else. I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

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