Michiko Kougai (michiko_kougai) wrote,
Michiko Kougai

Random: Maybe

By: Michiko Kougai

Thoughts of falling in love, finding true love, fortifying happiness; are these really possible? Or are these just words that only seem to exist? Can one possibly live a life without anxiety and regrets? Can one truly protect something really precious? How much can someone love? Is there a limit to loving someone dearly? How can you handle it the very day when you got separated? Does love exist after death? Or forever is just a word that many have only heard about?

In one way or another, some things are starting to make sense now. We, humans are believers. We rely on things that people tell us about. We depend on what they bring us about. We trust on what they accustom us for. We count on their experiences. We have faith on what they do. But, do we ever try to search for our own? Do we stand out among the majority and ask? Or do we wait and see what happens next?

Sometimes we don’t need to think in order to believe. We don’t need to feel either. We only have to listen deeply and heed its call. Some has its own ways and just appear before you even knew it. Others need constant effort and courage to persevere further. However, other things don’t just go your way. No matter how hard you endure, how you keep up to struggle or how you pain, there’s just no way to own it. Sometimes, it just needs to be let go.

Love might be put in this way. It gives the utmost feeling of affection, devotion and passion. It grows and nourishes from the different bundles of emotions that coils inside a human’s heart. It knows no boundaries. It knows no reasons. For as Blaise Pascal quote it, “The heart has reasons that reasons cannot know.” It makes one foolish. As to be in love is like throwing all learning, being irrational and crazy just as it is. It knows no anguish. Love denies pain. It does not give up and continue to strengthen for its every broken piece. It survives separation and distance. It fortifies through time. Love makes changes. Changes that seem too impossible and out of reach and yet just so near. It changes people. They become ideals that they never thought that they will ever be. Soon, they believe that they really can be what they are.

Often times love is suppose to be requited. It is an equal exchange of affection and passion that only two beings in a rare understanding comprehend. But often times than not, it’s not possible that everyone is blessed with true love. It is not possible that out of this sea of million people one can find the mate of his soul, the half of his heart and the life on his forever whatnot. Sometimes one has to live through an unrequited love. Though only a few people get back to their senses after a harsh rejection or a silent no, an unrequited love is a requited love all on its own. One just has to get through the pain and the blurry image of things in front of him and courageousness to start all over again. When things aren’t going on the way you want it to be it’s alright to hold on and figure out everything else. But, when everything else is figured out and things just remained the way as it is, you better think twice of letting go. For another that is lost is another gain awaiting. One has to be patient, for good things take their time. But, one must be keen, for the best things come in just a blink of an eye. You never might know that the person you’ve been searching for is just under the palm of your hand and you’ve spent your lifetime fervently looking for them.

Pain from the separation has been an inevitably important ingredient on learning about what the meaning of love is; what the meaning of life is. Though fear and anxiety continued to spice up the already trigging heat on one’s broken heart; soul, one is inescapable to feeling this vehement emotions. But only through this can one learn to value what is most important and what is truly essential.

One can love someone as to the extent of how much he can feel for that person. There is no limit even that of the impassable death; for eternity do exists for people who truly believe it. As for everyday that one is given the privilege to express his whole self to his beloved is a blessing from up above that no words could justify how grateful we should be.

A simple as that of a brush of a finger tip to another’s skin or a simple caress to another’s face is a simple confession of one’s heart. A simple stare and a rub on a thigh conveys another, much more of that when you make love and never get tired of repeating over and over again.

Love has no boundaries and is expressible in a million uncountable ways. As for one can love someone more than his own life, enough to sacrifice everything he have for the sake of happiness and protection. A believer that anything is possible when one’s heart, mind and soul are in unison and in perfect harmony can get through to any hardships in life and the surprises of lives unforeseeable events. Though our life holds up many truths and is shoved indirectly to our faces, we are capable of getting through and fighting for what we believe is justifiable and rightful. There is no shame for protecting one’s own happiness.

Maybe it’s the right time. Maybe it isn’t. Maybe it’s the right place. Maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s the right person. Maybe it’s another. Maybe it’s now. Maybe it’s never. Maybe it’s the start. Maybe it’s the end. Maybe, it’s just maybe.
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