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YJ: Spoiler (Oneshot)

 Title: Spoiler
Author: Michiko Kougai
Pairing: Yunjae :*
Genre: Romance, Fluff
Length: One shot
Summary: Oh, that Agnes line, “It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die”, started it.

You didn’t know where it began but it surprised you that you heard them bawling at each other. All of you were innocently watching that cute movie that Jaejoong bought from the U.S. Oh crap. It suddenly dawned on you. It was one little sharp comment from your soulmate. Oh, that Agnes’ line, “It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die”, started it.

“That cute little girl you’re so fond of will crush that pony and say it’s so fluffy I’m gonna die.” Jaejoong commented nonchalantly as you smiled at him when he rolled his eyes from his lover beside him towards your direction.

You and Junsu have watched the movie for a couple of times with your lead singer and honestly speaking, you’re just watching this all over again since Changmin’s eagerness to see the movie is so overwhelming so as Yunho’s pleas.

You turned to their direction when Yunho suddenly flinched and the head that was once rested firmly on Jaejoong’s shoulder lifted and loving eyes suddenly glared fiercely at your soulmate. The hands that were entwined so tightly around Jaejoong’s begun to unclasp and was placed on Yunho’s knees as he straightened up.

“Why did you say what will happen next?!” Yunho exclaimed and Changmin’s attention was also caught on that sudden outburst.

“It’s because I was bored and you don’t pay attention to me.” Jaejoong pouted and tried to appease Yunho by playing with his hair.

Yunho just scrunched his face and draw back his head a bit far from Jaejoong to touch it again.

Your soulmate’s as stubborn as always as he reached with all his might Yunho’s fringe and play with it again. You bite your lip at that moment crossing your fingers and hope nothing of those lover spats happens tonight. Guess, Junsu and Changmin didn’t pray as hard as you do.

“You said you want to watch this with us.” Your leader started. “Stop touching me!” Your eyes widened at the sudden exclamation. Your soulmate’s eyes were as wide as yours. Yunho suddenly distanced himself from Jaejoong. Oh, you know well where this is going.

“I remembered saying that.” Jaejoong said calmly as he tried to salvage the situation. You can see Jaejoong heaved a deep breath trying to sum up more patience to keep up with Yunho. But, Yunho seemed as stubborn as your best friend as he continued to keep it and picked a fight. Oh, boy!

“So, who told you to say that?! I was waiting for it and you screw it. What’s the point of watching this now?!” Yunho shouted as he pointed his accusing finger at Jaejoong’s chest. You can see Jaejoong’s expressions turning darker and darker by every passing minute.

Changmin just cleared his throat and Junsu merely pouted and his eyes almost begged you to stop the boiling argument.

“What the hell is that reaction?! It was just that one line you are waiting for, right? Why don’t you just hit rewind and watch it again?! Damn you!” You can’t help but understand why Jaejoong reacted so wildly. You watched Jaejoong stand from the couch he was sitting a moment ago and threw the pillow he has to Yunho’s face. Jaejoong closed his eyes to breathe, trying to control his anger with every breath he takes.

Yunho just hit the pillow that Jaejoong threw at him and his face was as dark as his other half. You hate it so much when they argue like this. Especially if the reason is so low and how you find it so stupid to why you are worrying. You knew, Changmin and Junsu knew that the reason why you worry so much when they fight is that they involve other factors that will make the argument bigger causing them to fight for days or worst, break up.

“It’s no use since you’ve already said it. You really do have a big mouth.” Yunho turned his head towards Jaejoong’s direction and scowled. You can see Jaejoong gritting his teeth and you find his hands resting on his waist as he stand in front of his leader lover.

“Fine. You always take me for granted. I won’t ever dare touch you again. You’re a stupid little jerk, Jung Yunho. I even wonder why you’re the leader of this group. Oh, yeah. It’s not yours anymore. It’s just me, Junsu and Yoochun. Changmin’s still my maknae and he can join anytime. But, you cannot ever dare join us.” Jaejoong retorted. You gulped and and Junsu and Changmin both have that panicked look on their faces. You so want to stand in the middle now and start talking it out to both of them. You breathed in hoping you breathed your dongseang’s and Junsu’s courage as well.

“Hey, hey now. Let’s just sit down and have popcorn and chat, hmm?” You started off a little awkward followed by a forced laughter.

You looked at Jaejoong’s eyes trying to send to his mind, to his heart that this will be just one of the nights that he can spend together with his lover and not use it to fight and gnaw at each other’s souls in anger.

It is as if your message passed through Jaejoong’s head as he sat down a little bit farther from where Yunho was sitting on the couch.

“Don’t expect me to be the one to make it up to you.” Yunho muttered under his breath as if totally focusing on the movie.

“Fine by me.” Jaejoong turned his head sharply towards his lover’s direction and mock.

“Hmph.” Yunho scoffed.

“Whatever.” Jaejoong reverted back.

It was an eerie 15 minute without anyone talking. You shift your gaze towards Changmin and Junsu whose attention seemingly wasn’t on the movie but on the couple who was seated on the couch, far from each other.

You can’t help but sigh. You’re also too focused on the two of them hoping they’d make up soon.

A little smile started to tug at the corner of your lips as you watched Yunho slowly leaning towards Jaejoong from where he is seated.

You knew that this fight will not go on any longer than an hour. You averted your gaze slightly but kept them seen on your peripherals.

Jaejoong gasped as he felt Yunho’s frame leaning on him on a very inconvenient position. Your best friend turned his head slightly to his other half’s direction and an expression of worry was all written on his beautiful face.

“You’re going to have spasms later if you keep that up.” His tone is filled with concern and so far from picking up a fight.

“Hmm?” You turned your head to them and smiled at how easy they start to slowly patch things up.

Jaejoong shifted from his sit and so as Yunho’s coming closer to fill the space between him and his other half. Yunho sneakily clasped his hand to Jaejoong’s and intertwine them. He leaned his head on Jaejoong’s broad shoulder and sighed.

“I’m sorry.” You heard Yunho whispered to Jaejoong followed by a long kiss on the lead singer’s temple.

You can’t just stop staring at the unfolding moment right in front of you especially if it was from your most valuable members.

“You shouldn’t have shouted at me like that.” Jaejoong pouted as he looked at your leader’s face.

“I was carried away and was just really enthusiastic about the movie that I acted that way. “ Yunho said lowly as he used his free hand to caress Jaejoong’s jaw. You giggled silently at that. Oh, the fan boy you have flared again.

“Apology accepted if you give me a kiss.” You heard Jaejoong said as he pouted his lips at Yunho.

You watched Yunho flicked his fingers at Jaejoong’s forehead as he slowly dipped his head to kiss the pout. But, before his lips could even touch Jaejoong’s, you saw Yunho’s eyes glanced at you, and Changmin and Junsu immediately acted like they’ve never been interested to the drama that has happened a moment ago. Crap! You were seen fanboying!

“Baby,” Yunho mumbled as he chuckled and asked Jaejoong to look towards your direction.

As your soulmate turned around and his eyes locked with yours, you swear Kim Jaejoong owes you a treat and an apology. He laughed at you and it is as if the kiss he has requested to Yunho has long forgotten.

“Yoochun-ah, you’re blushing.” Jaejoong mumbled before throwing you a pillow.

“Oh, come on! What the hell?! Look at Junsu and Changmin who were suppressing a squeal since a moment ago.” You retorted as you smiled brightly at them. Oh, your hyungs.

“Baby, they want us to make out in front of them.” Yunho turned to Jaejoong and you swear your soulmate giggled at that.

“Oh please! It’s like you even care.” Changmin suddenly said as he raised his eyebrows at them.

“I’m alright. I miss these make out scenes I see every time I walked in on you in the living room.” Junsu laughed his eu kyang kyang.

“This totally ruined my pride.” Jaejoong suddenly exclaimed as he playfully hit Yunho’s chest.

“ What pride do you have? You have told me everything, as in everything.” You guffawed remembering those late night drinks when Jaejoong is so far from sobriety that he poured his hearts out, telling you how he wanted it, how Yunho would do it and how Yunho would comply to it and so on and on and on.

“You’re a spoiler at everything.” Changmin added as he laughed.

“Fine.” Jaejoong sighed heavily as if what you’re asking him was a tiring job.

“Yunho-ah, they’ll be the end of us soon.” Jaejoong said as he slowly pulled Yunho’s head closer to his and claimed his lips for a kiss. You wait for that moment where the battle of domination begins. But, as soon as Yunho responded the kiss, both pulled away and looked at the three of you.

“You’re only allowed to see just that.” Jaejoong smirked at you. He’s teasing you now since you know everything.

“Gaahh! What a cliff hanger?!” Changmin clicked his tongue and guffawed again.

“They said they’ll kiss stupid. They didn’t say to have it here right in front of us. What do you think they are, Min?” Junsu commented as he slapped Changmin’s head.

All of you laughed non-stop.

“You guys need to get out of my Jaejoong’s apartment for a while.” Yunho suddenly smiled sweetly to the three of you. Jaejoong just laughed and kissed the side of Yunho’s jaw.

“We’ll be busy in preparing for the next scene. No preview allowed.” Yunho exclaimed a he laughed before he pecked Jaejoong’s lips once more.

You shook your head as you got what he meant. You walked towards the apartment door with Changmin walking behind you snickering and Junsu, well, you just have to drag him along with you.

And, the last thing you saw before you close the door was Yunho pushing Jaejoong to lie on the couch and Yunho baring your soulmate off his clothes one by one. A brilliant laughter from Jaejoong filled your ears as the door clicked in place. You have then a goofy smile on your face as you walked away towards the convenient store to buy the three of you chips that’ll last for around two or three hours.

Author's Notes:
             This was inspired by my POT and the movie Despicable Me. <3
Tags: author: m, genre: fluff, genre: romance, rating: g, rating: pg-13, type: fanfic
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